About Linda

Linda Mangun, CPDT-KA, WIG-CI

    Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed
    Wag-It Games Certified Instructor

Everyone who loves dogs can remember when they started their journey with them. My love for dogs started when I was a toddler. My quest started when I was 7 years old. My Mother would not let me have a dog, so in a desperate effort to change her mind, I brought home every stray dog I could find. In order to change Mom’s mind this went on until I was 18 years old and out on my own. As you can guess, the first thing I did is buy my first dog. A German Shepherd named Kona and I never looked back and have never been without a dog (or several) since. My life has been spent Training Dogs, Boarding, Professionally showing in Breed Conformation (with several breeds), Grooming, and raising Dobermans and Borzoi. During those years I opened a National Saddlery and showed horses. Fostering dogs has always been a passion also. Presently I own two beautiful, well-behaved German Shepherd females. Timber (solid black) and Sage (sable color). I let them show off their Obedience skills to my training clients. Some might describe them as Demo Dogs, but like all doggie Moms I prefer to say; “Look at my babies…aren’t they smart?” LOL


 * Opened my first Obedience School in Wisconsin in the 70’s

 * Finished my first BREED CHAMPION, a red Doberman male, 9 months old at the Chicago International. Reds were not popular back          then and winning out of puppy class, which at that time the Chicago International was the second largest show in US. It was nothing        short of an amazing day!

 * Finished several Doberman and Borzoi Championships

 * As each dog finish their Championship, I put an Obedience (CD) title on each, making the DUAL CHAMPIONS

 * Proudly owned one of DPCA’s Top Producing Bitches. She had 7 puppies and 6 finished their Breed CHAMPIONSHIP that year

 * During those years, I completed OBEDIENCE TITLES on several different breeds. Working with various breeds and their learning                styles, has been an excellent experience and has helped me become a more skilled professional trainer.


The certifications I have earned are: CPDT-KA, (approximately 3000 trainers World Wide have this title) WAG-CI AND PET-TECH. I have travel the US to stay current on training with Science Based Learning Theory and Behavior Modification, having attended countless National Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, and Webinars with the most elite educators (dog trainers) in our industry. In addition, my colleagues and I also brain storm new trianing concepts.


As you can see from my Bio training and working with dogs has been a life passion, however, it’s not just the training, it’s been the “journey” I have taken with “each dog” that has come into my life and for that I am forever thankful! I will continue to further my education because nothing makes me happier than when my clients say: I would recommend Linda to anyone, anywhere in a heartbeat!


“I would recommend Linda to anyone, anywhere in a heartbeat!”