Behavior Consulting

Private Coaching
         $400 for 3 Lessons - 1.5 Hours Each
  $625 for 5 Lessons - 1.5 Hours Each
97% of dogs in shelters are there because of BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS
More dogs are put to sleep because of behavior than health reasons

 With Behavior Consultations the owner and I will work privately to implement a protocol to help the dog’s behavior. We begin this session with an extensive history intake about the dog, as well as how the owner feels about their behavior problem. In addition, the owner’s goals will be discussed in detail. I ask that you please be realistic with your expectations. Once the information is analyzed we can begin a training and behavior modification program that will be designed to meet the owner’s goals and begin to resolve the unwanted behavior. Emphasis is placed on educating the owners to understanding the behavior problem. Then we will teach the owner better Management Skills with Classical Conditioning and how to successfully apply them to their dog. Some dog issues require additional sessions to the training approach in order for that dog to learn the skills needed to succeed. Dogs seem to do best if the Coaching is done in packages or 3 or 5+

Owners MUST BE COMMITTED when working with serious behavior problems.



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 It's Best Not To Delay With Behavior Issues