Board & Train


$750 - 1 Week Refresher Course
$1350 - 2 to 3  Weeks Training
Includes one FREE Follow Up Lesson,
If Needed

 "I'll Take The Leash"

 Board & Train is my “most” popular service because the program is “perfect” for busy   families and professionals whose crowded schedules and obligations do not allow time for   them to train or for those who merely have no desire to train. My job is to make life with   your dog better, by teaching obedience or removing behavior problems and frustrations.

 Clients understand the benefits of having their dog trained by Linda, a “Certified   Professional  Dog Trainer-CPDT-KA” (approximately 3000 WORLD WIDE with this training   degree). There are no legal regulations in place to prevent anyone who has decided to be a   dog trainer today, with no experience, to just hang out a trainer sign. So Certification   ensures your dog can take advantage of being trained more effectively by an “expert” that   has been trained and uses the latest Scientific Learning Theory – Force Free and Positive   Reinforcement –Reward Based methods.

 We do not believe in one size fits “all” training. Each dog has different levels of motivation,   temperament and learning ability, therefore, I tailor your family life style and your dog’s   natural learning levels to develop realistic solutions to attain your goals. All training is done   on leash. NO guarantees can be given due to my CCPDT Code of Ethics Certification   compliance. After training I provide a mandatory transfer session to show you the skills   your dog has learned. Board & Train is an ideal option for dogs with Leash Reactivity and   Behavior problems.

I'm actively involved in Reining Quarter Horses and I am around the training of animals on a daily basis.  I can tell you for sure that Linda Mangun has an amazing sense for training dogs as good as any horse trainer trains horses or dog trainers train dogs that I have ever witnessed.  Linda took our 12 week old puppy Mya and made a super star out of her!  I was not even aware that it was possible to start training dogs that young, much less to have them basically communicating with humans to the degree that Linda had Mya doing.  The sit command, down command, come, stay and waiting to walk out the door was just short of amazing.  When Linda had Mya running to a fire truck in the back yard and driving it, then going through an obstacle course I was impressed.  But when Mya sat at the picnic table, then bowed and said her prayers I was blown away. I would recommend Linda to anyone, anywhere in a heart beat. 
Oh by the way Mya helped me write this. 
Robert, Denise & Mya W.


  * Your dog will stay with Linda at Jungle Camp-The Barking Lot Training for 2-3                     weeks depending on your dog’s learning ability.

  * During the day, your dog will be staying in my home, as part of my family, and                 as a bonus training is entirely integrated into our "daily routine".

  * At the end of training, a mandatory transfer session will be given to teach you                 what your dog has learned (2hours).

  * You will be given training communication tools to reinforce good behavior at home.

  * You will be taught to make good behavior a part of “Everyday Life”, so you’ll enjoy           your companion for years to come.

  * I’ll equip you for Real Life challenges

   While you are on Vacation - Board & Train is a great time to have your dog trained.           

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