Breed Specific Manners


By request we now offer “BREED SPECIFIC” The Best Group In Town Manners Group Class.
This class will be open to Specific Breeds. Example; all Pugs, all German Shepherds, all Labs, all Greyhounds, all Poodles, all Great Danes, ETC..

Only "Your Breed" in that class, how fun is that?

If you belong to a Specific Breed Club and want to set up a Manners class for your club, just give me a call and
we’ll set a class just for “your members only”.

Watch our website for Breed Specific Dates. Manners 

Are you ready to see how amazing "YOUR" breed can be?
If you do not see your breed shown here, we still have a class for YOU!


Call Now to Set up a Class for

All Fees Are Payable  At The Start Of Training Sessions 
 No Refunds Can Be Given After The First Day ​