NOTE: some GPS take you into Aubrey and then back out, which is much longer!

Directions from the Frisco "AREA" to Jungle Camp Pet Resort

Take the Tollway North to 380, the tollway ends at 380.  Turn LEFT onto 380.

Go "about" 7 miles down 380 WEST towards Denton. You'll cross a bridge and the next stop light you will be in front of a subdivision named Providence, KEEP GOING.

The NEXT STOP LIGHT is FM 2931 (our road). At that corner there is Valero Gas Station and at this point nothing else, also FM 2931 only turns right, just a field on the left.

Turn RIGHT onto FM 2931.

We are EXACTLY 1.9 miles down FM 2931 on the RIGHT side of the road.

At the one mile mark you will GO PAST a stop sign, then the road curves and if you look you will notice 3 blue buildings on the left side of the road, which are auto repair shops.  When you are in front of those blue buildings, START LOOKING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD.

Our drive is the 3rd drive PAST the blue buildings.

At the end of our drive you will SEE:

2 flags they will always be PURPLE AND GREEN (sometimes all green  or all purple or purple and green).
Sign that says Jungle Camp Pet Resort (it's set back off the road).
Sign on a pole that has our house number, 2880.

You will not see our home as we sit back off the road 520 feet.
You will see a Paint horse and our sheep in the pasture.

See you soon!

It's super easy but if you get lost call (940) 365-2800 or (940) 205-2672

Sign at end of drive >