Getting Ready For Class 

Sign up for class "early" to guarantee your training spot

Bring current vaccination records with Bordatella within 6 months

Owners who do not bring proof of vaccinations will not allowed to participate

Dogs "must" be on a Flea Protection 

ALL training classes are taught on leash (unless otherwise noted)

Bring a hungry dog, do not feed for at least 5 hours prior to class

Lots of soft, small, pea-sized treats 

Treat bag or clothes with large pockets

Flat buckle collar and 6 foot leash (no retractable leashes, prong, or choke collars allowed)

Intact females may not attend while in season

Mat or large towel for your dog to lay on

Long soft toys work best

Come 15 minutes early to let your dog sniff around before class

Potty your dog in the pasture "before" entering training area

Please pick up after your own dog

Class will start on time

Wear tennis or rubber sole shoes (no flip flops or heels)

For the safety of each dog, keep all dogs a minimum of 6 feet distance between them. Your dog my be friendly but others may not

Be nice to dogs and other students, or we may crate "you".....LOL

Dogs that are reactive to humans or other dogs, we offer private training sessions, prior to joining any group class

Bring a smile                      and positive attitude

  The Code of Ethics for our 
  CPDT-KA  & CCPDT Certication          does not   allow us to make              guarantees