Private Coaching Sessions

   97% of dogs in shelters are there because of BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS!

Human Only Private Coaching 
$ 130 for 1.5 hours

Private Phone Coaching
$ 50 – per ½ hour

Human & Dog Private Coaching
$ 140 for 1.5 hours

* $45 for Each Additional Hour

What humans actually call “bad” behaviors are actually natural behavior to dogs that irritate and cause problems in our human world. Sometimes dogs are just being dogs. So it’s up to us to provide the direction, so they know what acceptable behavior.

 Whatever your challenge, before it escalates, my goal is to make your life easier and to formulate an effective behavior modification program tailored to fit your dog’s individual needs and your goals.

Most of these Coaching Sessions require one lesson for you to learn the necessary skills to implement your program and hone your skill to train at home.

Private Sessions are available to accommodate your busy schedule or for the shy dogs that find group classes a bit overwhelming.

"House Training - Nipping - Jumping - Chewing - Digging - Barking - Impulse Control"


My Impulse
Control Is ... So Hard

Dogs left unsupervised always make their
“own rules” and do what is rewarding for them!
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