Puppy Tails - Manners

 Nothing is Cuter & Sweeter than a Puppy!

Group Class
Option #1: $150 each Saturday 1. 5 Hours – 5 Weeks

Option #2: $1350 Board & Train – 2 to 3 Weeks
One Free Follow-Up lesson

Option #3:     Private Consult
$135 - 1.5 Hours Human & Dog
* $45 Each Additional Hour

Raising a puppy can be a true joy, but also stressful and frustrating.
Young puppies are little sponges, they learn so easily, both good and bad behaviors. The most critical learning stage for puppies is between 8 to 18 weeks. Early socialization is important to your pups behavior and development. This is the “best time" to begin teaching the behaviors you want them to have for the rest of their lives. The earlier you start the better!

We train with Positive Reinforcement – with rewards like food, toys, praise, games, and play. Our socialization is not just about romping with other puppies (although we do that also) we introduce sounds, objects, different people, and obstacles.

The class will cover all those nuisance puppy behaviors that drive us nuts. Like nipping, all 4 on the floor, crate training, walking on a leash and more. But the behavior I love to teach puppies, is being able to practice art of ZEN…doing nothing (impulse control).
The first set of vaccination must be given 7 days prior to the class. We take precautions to keep your puppy safe, with Veterinarian grade disinfectant, but your pup will be in contact with other puppies and
no exposure with one set of vaccinations is completely risk free.


We call this program Operation Socialization. This is a powerful way to get your puppy SOCIALIZED! You will positively introduce your puppy to places, people, and things showing the pup they can feel comfortable and safe in “all” environments. It is a FUN and EASY powerful incentive to get your pup exposed to the world. You will start your Passport in class, then 5-10 minutes per day will give your pup positive exposures that insure the puppy has the best start in life and grow up into a confident, well socialized adult.
Every minute of the day your puppy is learning – teach the right things.

Come... Fetch Your Spot In Our Puppy Tails Class