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Meet each Saturday – 1.5 hours

My approach to teaching Manners Class is “more unique” and different from other Obedience classes, who just have you walk in a circle doing commands. Although I do teach Foundation Obedience commands like, sit down, stay, come, loose leash walking, place, leave-it and more, I take training a step further. My focus is showing you how to take these behaviors into “Real-Life” situations. For example, your dog may do a perfect sit in a classroom, (but dogs don’t live in a classroom), therefore, may not be able to do the same sit command in another location with distractions. The program is designed to teach you the basics of living with your companion in all situations.

I begin my students with having the proper mental thoughts. I’ll take you from thinking…

“How can I STOP my dog from doing XXX?  to

“How can I HELP my dog to understand what I’d like them to do?”

 * All classes are taught by Linda, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – CPDT-KA
      (approximately only 3000 trainers WORLD WIDE have reach this training Certification level)

 * We incorporate fun learning challenges with a variety of obstacles and games to develop their mental skills, build confidence          and team work

 * We want the dogs to also be on an optimal frame of mind for learning

 * There is nothing more exciting than to see a dog’s brain come alive

 * All classes provide the owner with the tools that will teach how to get their dogs to u
se their “Mental Skills” to make “Good              Choices” on their own, this creates a "Thinking Dog"

 * All classes are taught on leash with “Positive Reinforcement Reward-Based" techniques, this method of training has been                  proven to accelerate the learning process

 * We never use force and never push beyond your dog’s learning ability

 * We will teach you how to set your dog up for success, by rewarding the behavior you want him to do, so it will be repeated

 * We proof train with distractions so the dog learns to be more reliable and successful

 * I’ll guide you in understanding what motivates your dog

 * During class I give real life examples on “why” I teach each behavior

 * Our classes are kept small to ensure personal attention, with fun and laughter

 * No guarantee can be made due to the “Code of Ethics” Certification with CPDT-KA and CCPDT

 * Whether you want a Performance dog, Sport dog, Therapy dog or just want a well-mannered pet at home – then our Manners          Classes are for you

 Small Training Groups For "Personal Attention"

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