Reliable Recall

Group Class
$ 150 for 3 Classes -  1.5 Hours Lesson

Private Lesson
$ 135 for 1.5 Hours
Do you trust your dog to come when called?

Does your dog tune you out when he hears…Come?

Does your dog come back when he runs out the door?

Does your dog come when he sees other dogs, kids, or what about squirrels?

More importantly, does he come when faced with an emergency?

Dogs who master a reliable recall can have a life with more freedom and can
enjoy off leash playing when in a safe environment.

Together we will work at your dog’s learning level to stay successful in real world situations. Your dog will learn to return to you with the “Come” command and a “Survival Panic Come” will also be taught.

 "Come When Called" 

Learning "Come" Will Keep Your Dog Safe... Call Today