Refresher Course

Group Class
$145 for (3) 1.5 Hour Lessons
Meet on Saturdays

 "Focus & Confidence"


The focus of this class is for the dog that already knows the basics but needs to improve and refine previously learned obedience and behavior skills. Our goal is to tailor this workshop to meet the needs of the students enrolled, so it changes from time to time. Basically, we will continue to refine and solidify, basic exercises; heeling, stay, recall, long sits/downs, impulse control etc. while adding the 3D’s- Distance, Distractions, and Duration.

We will work on strengthening their dog’s FOCUS. Loose Leash walking and
Emergency Recalls seem to be exercises folks have trouble perfecting, so we will work on these each session.

These exercises will be done while integrating The Barking Lot's Training is fun and engaging activities they are known for like; hoops, stools, tunnels, jumps, playing with toys. This class will help you get back on track with your training in no time at all. Refresher Course is also ideal for students who have missed a class, or if you have been through
another group class elsewhere and still struggling.
 This class is a great way to intensely focus in order to help you meet your training goals.

People ask me: “When do you enjoy your own dogs the most?” Most people think I will answer when I’m training…but nope. “It’s when I am being “silly” and “playing” with my dogs and we are just enjoying each other:

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