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Group Class 1.5 Hour Classes
$ 130 Sampler Class – Each Saturday for 4 weeks
$ 130 Sports Division – Each Saturday for 4 weeks
Pre-requisite some obedience

Once Again The Barking Lot is up to Something New & Different

Be the next in North Texas to learn new techniques and games while perfecting your obedience skills. This class is MORE FUN than you can IMAGINE. I believe in fostering a positive relationship with all dogs and WAG-IT promotes that!

Play together, learn together with Games and Obstacles.

These classes provide wonderful mental stimulation, especially for “SHY” dogs in helping them come out of their shell.
For the “BUSY” dog it helps get rid of some of that energy.

Our “Special Needs” dogs (we call Heart Dogs) learn how to strengthen their attributes.

These games build confidence and coordination for your dog.

A solid emphasis for WAG-IT Games is built on a beautiful relationship, trust, team-work, and safety

while getting “ALL DOGS” to wag their tails and owners to smile.

WAG-IT has 6 Sports Divisions. Start with the Sampler class where each week we show you all 6 different Division Samplers. Then you can decide which division you and your dog enjoy the most, then
sign up for that particular class for more in-depth training.
If you are like most, you’ll love them all … come WAG with us.

Founder Sumac Grant-Johnson said it BEST WAG-IT Games is “HEAVEN WITH DOG HAIR”

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Heart Dogs