The Barking Lot Training will offer “BENEFITS” that
“CAN HELP YOU” with the following:

  * Help make your dog well behaved member of your family

  * Having your dog pay attention to you and not have selective hearing

  * Fido doesn’t pull you on a walks

  * Having your dog that comes when you call

  * Stop the jumping on guests and you

  * Be allowed to take your pet anywhere and be proud of them

  * Our curriculum is designed to give your dog the skills to succeed in a Human World

  * Enjoy walking without your dog having leash Reactivity to humans

  * Walk your dog without leash Reactivity to dogs

  * Your dog will get individual training as well as group exposure for distraction training

  * You’re not alone I’m by your side during the training process

  * We will celebrate the success you and your dog have at each training level

  * All our programs will give you the tools to use now and in the future

  * Flexible Scheduling for busy owners

  * We offer simple, effective solutions that are easy to implement

  * We provide mandatory transfer session to show “you” the skills your dog has learned

  * We offer one FREE refresher classes to polish up on your training

  * Don’t get frustrated if you have tried other training facilities without the results you expected, give us a call,       you will be pleased with the results you receive with me.
What makes my training program “DIFFERENT & UNIQUE”?

  * We strive to have FUN during our training

  * Training is integrated into our daily routine

  * You will be trained by a highly educated “Certified Professional Trainer” –CPDT-KA

  * Class “Handouts” are provided to assist your training at home

  * Small intimate training Groups for more “Personal Attention”

  * Clients learn the “Reasons” why their dog behave like they do

  * We teach dogs at their “Individual Learning Level”

  * We only use ‘Reward Based –Positive Reinforcement” training based on scientifically sound methods

  * We focus on problem solving skills for our “Human World Challenges”

  * We teach the owners about their dogs “Body Language”

  * We teach clear & honest “Canine Communication” based on respect and trust

  * We set you up to succeed by rewarding your dog for “Desired Behaviors”

  * Dogs are given an opportunity to have a “Choice” in problem solving

  * Enjoy nature, so the dogs can use their “Natural Abilities” in our beautiful outdoor area

  * We always train to set your dog up for “Success”

  * Our programs are done with “NO” aversive treatment-no prong or electric collars, etc.

  * Linda has signed the “Shock-Free” Pledge

  * We choose to lose obedience formality and build on enthusiasm by adding “Games”

  * Support is gladly given to students during the learning process

  * As more dog owners want something easy and fun to do with their dog…we offer that

  * Whatever your training goal, I’ll help you reach it

  * We strive to “Let Your Inner Child” come out and put in some “Silliness & Laughter”

Just for the Humans: In order to effectively communicate with each owner
 we teach in different "Learning  Styles" and "Experience Levels" to help the owners be more successful

Indoor Training Area

Outdoor Training Area